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It gives you the return on investment of an insulation upgrade on pipes
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3EPlus is an industrial energy management tool for Windows. It has been designed to allow users to calculate the required insulation of a structure according to a variety of factors. The application comes preloaded with several construction materials that you can select. Then, by inputting certain atmospheric values, you can calculate the efficiency of the given material in your construction. You can calculate the material efficiency by adding the process temperature, the ambient temperature, the wind speed and the max surface temperature. Of course, an ordinary user will have no clue on how to use the application. But those who really need the information that 3EPlus can provide will probably manage quite easily.

3EPlus can create reports of your calculations and it has the ability of calculating the cost of several insulation constructions. It can even calculate the cost of heat loss into US dollars.

Of course, the utility can use meters or inches for calculations. It can even be used to calculate greenhouse emission.

Even though I probably know very little about insulation, I would like 3EPlus to offer a better displaying of the calculation results. At the very least, the application is not very intuitive and the user has to dig around for results, when there is so much space on the screen for them to be displayed.

José Fernández
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